A “Renaissance” in Research: Can Psychedelics be Used to Treat Chronic Pain?

By: Melina Bindra The healing powers of psychedelics have been used for centuries, from Amazonian healing to Native American ceremonies, where the ingestion of various plant preparations evokes an altered state of consciousness. But over the past two decades, the recreational and medicinal use of psychedelics within the U.S. has noticeably increased. Psychedelics could possibly […]

Have We Found the Fountain of Youth?: New Research into Blood Dilution Proves Promising for Rejuvenation Therapies

By: Nitya Sriram For thousands of years, adventurers from across the globe traveled in search of the Fountain of Youth: a spring that would supposedly grant eternal life to those who drink from it. While not quite as thrilling as a magical Fountain of Youth, researchers at UC Berkeley’s Conboy lab in the bioengineering department […]

A Viral Twist on Current Brain Tumor Research: Associating Immunogenetics of Antigen Response with Glioma Risk and Survival

By Riya Arul In 1796, the concept of using viral antigen responses was first introduced to create vaccines that protect us from viruses such as smallpox; today, scientists at UCSF have been able to utilize the same concept to enhance our understanding of malignant brain tumors. Gliomas, or glioblastomas, are brain tumors characterized by the […]

Dumpster Diving for Cancer Cells Made Easy: Targeting Cancer Cells With ARS1620 Modified K-RAS (G12C)

By Crystal Chu With an estimated total of 1.9 million new cases in 2022, cancer—the second most common cause of death in the USA—is projected to cause 609,360 nationwide deaths in 2022 [1]. Thus, identifying cancer in its early stages before tumors spread to multiple organs is imperative. However, this task is easier said than […]

A New Application of CRISPR

By Lily Zimmerman Bacteria: tiny organisms that do everything from causing sickness to carrying out important internal bodily functions. We often view bacteria as gross or harmful creatures, but in reality, they are absolutely essential to our survival. Bacteria, particularly the billions that populate the gut, are incredibly important; they help regulate the immune system, […]

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