16 Years Past Diagnosis: A Look on the Outcomes of Individuals with ADHD

by: Desiree Delavary Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, more commonly known as ADHD, is characterized by three different qualities: inattention, hyperactivity, also known as being overactive, and impulsivity, or acting without thinking. Often thought of as a childhood disorder that goes away with age, contrasting new evidence has suggested that ADHD is a lifelong disorder. Lily […]

More than Water Vapor: A Method to Quantify the Products of E-Cigarette Vaping

by: Sasha Narain A study conducted by the CDC, surveying high school students between the years 2011 and 2015, reported a 6.5 percent decrease in cigarette smoking. According to TobaccoFreeKids.org, this decrease reflects an overall trend in cigarette smoking amongst teens since the late 1990s. In contrast, in 2015 16 percent of high school students […]

High-Throughput Toxicity and Phenotypic Screening of 3D Human Neural Progenitor Cell Cultures on a Microarray Chip Platform

by: Jianne Jung 19,500,000 animals die every year from animal experiments for various purposes, including effectiveness test for medicines, safety tests for cosmetics, and toxicity testing of commercial chemicals. One of the most significant purposes of animal testing is preclinical drug analysis. All over-the-counter pills, like Advil and Tylenol, were proven to be safe based […]

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